喜爱的建筑摄影师有荷兰的Iwan Baan、美国的Bruce Damonte,他们的作品带着个人独特的纪实性影像风格,还有法国的室内空间摄影师Matthieu Salvaing,作品中总能找到电影的艺术效果。自然、和谐、艺术性的建筑空间视觉表达是其追求的方向。

Li Wei, the founder of Plainness Architectural Space Photography Studio based in Hangzhou.
Wei was always fascinated by the humanistic and documentary photography. His studio’s main shooting contents include architecture, landscape and interior space projects. "Gongwang Art Museum", shoot by him is awarded the Honorable Mention in Architecture category of PX3, Prix de la Photographie Paris Photography Competition 2017, and also the Gold in Architecture category of International Photography Awards China 2017 Photography Competition. In the field of architectural space photography, he is always exploring some kind of relationship between objects and people, objects and space, objects and nature in this world and how they are getting on well with each other.
Wei’s favorite architecture photographers are Iwan Baan from the Netherlands and Bruce Damonte from the United States. Their works show a personal, unique and documentary visual style. He also loves Matthieu Salvaing, an interior space photographer from French, whose works can deliver a sense of artistic effects from the movie. The visual expression of architectural space in a natural, harmonious and artistical way is the direction of his pursuit.